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I'm Mike Pertwee, a Principal UX Designer with 7+ years of experience at one of the world’s most respected Experience Design agencies. I have a broad range of projects under my belt, ranging from a B2B fleet management platform for Shell, to a reinvisioning of the website and digital brand for Sky.


“He eats complex problems for breakfast.”
Executive Director of Experience Design

“Thoughtful, and caring. If Mike was assigned to your project then a huge 'phew' all round.”
Business Operations Director

“He’s as nice to work with as he is talented. And he is very, very nice to work with.”
Experience Design Director


STI testing portal for clinicians

One of my favourite projects - I worked as design lead on a complete redesign of a sexual health testing and patient management system, untangling a web of requirements and legacy systems, applying a white-label-ready design system, documenting and handing off to developers, while validating with NHS clinical workers throughout.


A brand new

As design lead I managed a team of 4 designers to develop a new digital identity for Sky, and to 
re-design to match the caibre of entertainment on offer. I began the project with exploration of Sky’s brand and a blue sky concept for the site. I then led the creation of a new information architecture and design system which I used to re-design pages across Sky products and has since been fully adopted across the entirety Sky’s digital presence.


IA & Navigation redesign for

I worked alongside a consultant to design a research plan including depth interviews, surveys and tree tests. I took the insight and used it to create a new information architecture and taxonomy for the public sites of NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank, and a new navigation design to facilitate it.


Digital CX Vision for Screwfix

I led a small team of designers to define the future of fulfilment for Screwfix customers, exploring future fulfilment technologies, and tackling the complicated challenge of showing the broadest possible range of stock, whilst tailoring search results to a customer’s fulfilment preference.


Redesigning a start-up P2P microlending app

In a short, fast-paced partnership with the Fintech industry-backed start-up, I was able to identify reasons for the low repeated use of their product and fundamentally redesign and simplify the app’s core functionality, as well as leading a successful visual design overhaul.

Coming soon...


Industry-leading fleet management platform for Shell

I spent 11 months tackling a whole range of design challenges across a brand new fleet management solution we designed and built from scratch for Shell. From card ordering and transaction management, to data visualisation and reporting, to designing a bespoke fuel station locator, this relentless agile project remains one of the most impressive projects I've worked on.

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About me


I’m happiest when getting stuck into complex problems and untangling messy systems to create intuitive, accessible and positive experiences. I also love managing and supporting others, in both project leadership and line management roles.

I consider myself a kind, level-headed, supportive, and highly motivated designer. I enjoy being challenged and working alongside other caring and creative practitioners.

Outside work

When I'm not at my desk I'm either walking Otto my whippet, trying out something new in the kitchen, or trying to find somebody to let me record drums for them.


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